Paul Underhill

A Daoist at heart, Paul believes in the power of the natural order of things including the concept, strange to us in the West, of Wu Wei - the act of not doing, of allowing nature to take its course.

For many years this has underpinned his enthusiasm for T'ai Chi, something that he has taught in the Craven area of North Yorkshire for a while; he is a Senior Instructor with th T’ai Chi Union for Great Britain - Adult groups, schoolchildren, special needs, teachers and even stressed managers at a local Building Society, have all benefited from his teachings in Ta'i Chi and Qigong.

Paul holds a Postgraduate Diploma in (Traditional Chinese) Acupuncture from the Northern College in York - and is a former member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) -

Moreover, having held a commission as a logistician in the RAF and subsequently worked for many years in the world of IT, he believes that many management issues in both Industry and Commerce could be solved by a more Daoist approach to business - what is an organisation but another organism similar to the components of which it is comprised, namely humans. Indeed, he recently presented a paper to a National Conference for Service Managers in IT as to how this may be done (please click here for the paper in PDF format).

Paul lives in the Yorkshire Dales National Park and works in the surrounding Craven District to restore, via these Daoist practices, a balance to what he believes to be an increasingly unbalanced world. Walking the hills is his personal way of achieving this (see photo).